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It’s Chinese New Year but I’ve cleared my blog posting schedule for a far more important announcement. The Ultraman Tiga 3.0 a.k.a. the salted egg yolk burger from myBurgerLab.


I’ve been a patronage of myBurgerLab once some years ago when burger joints were all the rage in Malaysia, not unlike what is happening in Sydney at the moment. I remember them to be good, noting the uber soft charcoal buns, but promptly forgot about the rest of the affair. Burger Lab has however grown from strength from strength, something that I always noticed from watching them on the periphery of social media. They’ve long outlasted the burger trend, evident in the existence of their multiple branches dotted across Seapark, OUG and Sunway.

My time in Malaysia gets briefer and briefer with each trip which means less family time but paramount to that, less meals I can fit in during my stay. Hence I tend to steer clear from trying new things (particularly Western food) and stick to my local favourites. But from the moment this beauty appeared on my Facebook feed, I just knew I had to have her and taste her. I had unconditionally and irrevocably imprinted upon this burger. You know this is serious business when I start dropping the vampire-werewolf references but by god, is this a better love story than Twilight. Thankfully the guys at myBurgerLab respond to my pleas (we’re now Whatsapp besties) and arranged for five servings of the Ultraman 3.0 (MYR18.8/each) and three serves of their fries that come with extra salted egg yolk dipping sauce (MYR15/each).


How do I describe my beloved? Upon first bite the bun caves but not dramatically so, it makes sense as you definitely can’t have a melt-in-your-mouth milk bun when holding such a heavy golden sauce. Note that these were picked up, so tens of minutes had passed between cooking time and eating time but no component had gotten soggy. The chicken thigh was huge and gloriously juicy and the batter was crunchier than the muruku I’ve also been stuffing myself with throughout the festive season. To my Sydney comrades, thus far this was looking like a Mary’s chicken burger but dare I say, better. Now for the sauce. Salted egg yolk gets my heart going, ironically as it’s pretty high in cholesterol and fat. If you’ve never had salted egg yolk then these are probably the ravings of a looney to you but it is the most indescribably delicious taste and you have to get your hands on it (find it paired with crabs at Singaporean or Malaysian restaurants). It’s thick and creamy, smokey with a slight peppery undertone from the curry leaves and bursting with umami. The burger could actually use some more sauce in my opinion but my family is a resourceful one and we resorted to dunking the burgers into the dipping sauce containers that came with the fries.  My first bite was firecrackers and every bite henceforth was like receiving a RM100 ang pow packet. I’m calling it, this is the best burger I have ever had.


Due to how dense and heavy The Ultraman Tiga 3.0 was, fries were weirdly like a lighter option to snack on as you come up for air between burger bites. They’re pretty fantastic and are the perfect in-between size to not be lousy shoestring and also not “hand-cut-I’m-actually-wedges” fries either. They’re dusted with seaweed salt I believe, but I cannot see, hear, smell, touch or taste anything beyond more salted egg yolk sauce.


Rumour has it the myBurgerLab team stole the goose that lays the golden eggs and that’s what this magic is made from.


A blog post featuring two items does not a restaurant review make but who even cares anymore. Just get it in you! The Ultraman Tiga 3.0 is a limited time only offering that may require you to pre-order. Check out the Facebook event here or ping them on their Facebook page to find out more.

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  1. Hahaha these burgers are the Renesmee to your Jacob! Team Jacob all the way.

    1. Burgers just reminds me that the Deus pop-up ends this weekend urgh. So much food, so little disposable income/time.

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