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Dear diary, a girl should be so lucky to be treated to Sepia not once, but twice in her lifetime. If you’re going to plonk down some serious hard-earned dollars on a degustation, I implore you to do it at Sepia because the food is simply in a class of its own. To put it in CGP Grey terms, even calling what they serve ‘food’ seems incorrect because each course is so much more than just sustenance. This was also quite awhile ago dating back to the great eating week of my birthday so I’ll refrain from making too many comments based on my faded memory of it.


Seared Hiramasa kingfish, tofu, plum and gooseberry and toasted buckwheat


Saikyo salmon, smoked roe, sudachi


Smoked scarlet prawn, pickled daikon and shiso


Spanner crab, sake vinegar jelly, salted cucumber and green apple brown butter emulsion


Sea scallop, macadamia nut cream, quail egg, umeboshi, scallop crackling linaria


Hand over heart, the best bread roll I have ever eaten. It has mantou-like threads inside!



Charcoal grilled black lip abalone, bamboo shoot, sea vegetables, dashi cream cured pork cheek and wakame oil


Potato, dashi, caviar


Shiitake mushroom sushi


Roasted Aylesbury duck breast, lemon aspen, sheep yogurt boysenberry vinegar


David Blackmore wagyu karubi cooked over bincho-tan, miso mustard, Japanese pickles, pea shoots


It’s quite dark and intimate inside Sepia and I wasn’t using the right lens so photography was hard. I am very relieved that some images turned out alright though, this being one of them.


Blackberries, salted white chocolate, frozen blackberry and buttermilk sorbet

P1080546-2 P1080550-1

Summer chocolate forest – Soft chocolate, hazelnut and almond, violet crumble cream, blackberry sorbet, elderflower and meyer lemon jellies, green tea licorice, chocolate twigs, bronze fennel. Definitely one of Sydney’s top desserts.


Milks – milk chocolate, coconut yogurt, rice milk pudding, goat milk dulce de leche, sheep milk sorbet, milk cake, milk crisp, yuba

P1080556-2 P1080563-1

Stones – different fillings from chocolate to custard to some kind of fruit jam. These aren’t always on the menu so do raise it with the staff at the start of the meal if you want it.

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