Automata, Chippendale

I went to Automata for my birthday which was approximately eight months ago, long enough that the menu has almost certainly changed. I don’t even have my notes on the food anymore or even the names of the dishes so this post is essentially quite redundant bar providing you with eye candy of expertly executed plating and presentation. However, this dinner was by the suggestion and treat of a great friend who I don’t see nearly often enough. So I suppose if nothing else, it’s a personal bookmark for me so I’ll always remember what an awesome 24th birthday I had that was meal aplenty.


I love the space. From the outside it looks deceptively compact and narrow but stepping into the joint reveals a greater depth and an upstairs area that isn’t all that apparent until you’re closer.


Witlof and wagyu

Snacks for the night are witlof with a white cream (that escapes me because of the aforementioned time lapse between when I went to Automata and me tonight writing this post) and a wagyu enoki roll. The witlof is refreshing with only the lightest touch of a grill. The wagyu on a stick is pleasant but kind of commonplace if I’m honest. I definitely had food envy thinking of the alternative snacks other people have gotten such as the storm clams or the crispy salmon skin.


My non-alcoholic beverage of the night.


House-baked wholemeal loaf, anchovy & chicken-infused Pepe Saya butter

Apologies for the out of focus bread shot but it was so good that I had to still include this photo. It’s a warm and fluffy offering well worth the calories and stomach space but that


Stracciatella with tomato, kombu and chilli oil

Next is the stracciatella.  I am a sucker for cheese in all forms and this stringy goodness made from buffalo milk kicks ass. The flavours are non-complex, leaving you wishing that you could purchase something like this at the supermarket just so you could eat it out of the fridge.


Kingfish, crème fraîche and plum

The fish lies hidden underneath the paper thin layer of blood plum that’s dotted with capers.


Pickled purple cabbage and mystery green sauce

This was the oddest on the line up that night. I appreciated the tanginess of the dish and how it acted almost like a palate cleanser. But there was just a lot of cabbage to be had, about the size of my palm really. My dining partner did not end up finishing his portion.



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