Lucky Suzie, Darlinghurst

This post marks my third trip to Lucky Suzie, and how lucky am I to have been to such a great restaurant three times in 2016? The first was for an incredible dinner and the second, to specifically try their Merdeka Day tasting menu. I returned on this particular New Year’s Eve morning for brunch. As fate would have it, this would be the last meal I ate before descending into a wicked spiral of food poisoning that saw me into the new year. NB. I got sick from eating a rotten oyster the night before at a Japanese restaurant in the CBD.

Spicy Green Papaya Salad $14

Suzie’s brunch menu reads a lot like a lunch menu. Evidenced here in the papaya salad that we ordered that comes with tomatoes, peanuts, sambal belacan and citrus. I liked it for the spicy, almost kerabu-y, flavours that I associate with Malaysian rojak. It’s nice and refreshing for sure but a little on the small side compared to what you’d usually get from your usual Thai restaurant.

Mentaiko pasta $29

Up next that was also quite unorthodox for a mid-morning meal was the squid ink pasta with mentaiko, scallop, shiso and nori. I’ve said it 1000 times on the blog at this point but I am a huge mentaiko fiend. It is a briny umami bomb with a tiny smack of spice. I love how only a small amount is ever needed to impart such a strong flavour to the overall dish. Suzie’s pasta is packed with the taste of mentaiko which really compliments the rest of the seafood. Bonus points for really bouncy and juicy scallops. It was delicious and as Sarah says, any time really is pasta time.

Crab congee $19

I am actually a big fan of congee as well although I can’t remember having much of it in the past year. I love it even when I’m not sick. My favourites are chicken with peanuts and dried mussels, or crab with ginger congee. Sometimes you can add an egg into congee to make it creamier. Lucky Suzie’s rendition does this with a twist. by plopping one of their famously delicious 63 degree eggs on top. Ours also had a fair amount of blue swimmer crab meat, a heady amount of garlic soy, dried shrimp and the most important part, the crispy bits. I would love it more if it was a bit runnier but congee texture is so subjective.

Malaysian Fried Chicken w/ salted egg aioli $16

Even though this dish reads as fried chicken, I was most excited about getting something to dip into the salted egg aioli. I’m not the biggest fried chicken fan but these had a crunchy crumb encasing incredibly succulent meat. The seasoning was top notch, reminding me of ayam goreng from school days. The aioli complemented the dish well, I only wish there was more of it and a strong yolk taste. Too good.

ABC#2 $14

This is going down as one of the weirdest brunches ever as we also got dessert! Here is a modern uptake to Malaysia’s famous ABC dessert. Chef Zach’s ABC #2 comes with pandan noodles, pandan ice cream, shaved ice and your usual bubur cha cha condiments like taro and jelly. I don’t like coconut based desserts so I found it alright but everyone else quite enjoyed it.

Coconut sorbet (complimentary)

Saving the best for last is the coconut sorbet served inside a coconut shell. It’s also stuffed with every manner of delicious sweet things you can imagine such as tropical fruits like mango, passionfruit and jackfruit, jelly and chewier indescribable things. This is a bad description but even I, who hate coconut (and this dish is pretty much 90% coconut) entertained this a lot more than I normally would.

Malaysian food is hard enough as it is to obtain outside of Malaysia. Putting a twist on it to satisfy purists is even more unheard of. But I would be happy to revisit Lucky Suzie again and again and again precisely because it isn’t traditional Malaysian fare. So it’s not food I could find back home either.

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