Week 1

It’s nearing the end of the first week of 2017 and I’ve made it through alive and (reasonably) well. This week was about dumplings, movies and talking about what January means to me.

Watched a tonne of TED and TEDx on YouTube

I had some relatively cruise-y reporting to do at work and quite a bit of spare time at home this week. One 90 second clip on Facebook of Simon Sinek’s millennials talk on Inside Quest turned into a rabbit hole route to the wonderland of inspirational talks I haven’t seen since I finished my business degree at university. The other video I really loved was by  Tim Urban, author of Wait But Why. His article on procrastination is amazing and the video really supplements it so I high recommend you read it first.

Satisfied my dumpling craving at Spice Alley

I’ve had a lot of cheap and cheerful dumplings in my past life as a broke university student and having lived in Indo-town. They’ve all been good to varying degrees and some less so, usually something to do with the skin to filling ratio (I hate thick and doughy skins). Since the opening of Spice Alley and the realisation that I can not only get fat and juicy dumplings for dinner but also those of the yum cha variety, I find myself craving them every couple of weeks. This is January’s fix done.

Saw La La Land for the 2nd time

Going in to see La La Land, I had no expectations whatsoever. If anything, I was a little sceptical, knowing my general disdain for musicals. I am after all, the person who fell asleep watching The Lion King at London’s West End and Book of Mormon on Broadway in New York. It is only my love for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, both independently and together a la Crazy Stupid Love that intrigued me enough to want to watch the film. It turned out to be spectacular! I know several who were very much less than impressed (which is fine guys!) but I loved it enough to want to watch it a 2nd time. I also have the movie soundtrack on heavy repeat, a feat that has not occurred since music from The Great Gatsby.

(Finally) rolled my ankle at the gym

It had to happen. I bought incredibly affordable and impractical Nike Free TRs during my New York trip last year that I stupidly thought would be good for all the high intensity cardio I do at the gym. Particularly in the last few weeks, I could definitely feel my feet moving around a bunch whenever I worked out so it was only a matter of time that some particularly quick move was going to injure me. I have it strapped up and secure now thanks to Doctor Best Friend #1 but I’ll probably need to have a few days off from the usual gym routine. In the meantime, if anyone has any recommendations for gym shoes with great support, please let me know!

Stayed for 3 songs at The Naked and Famous’ show at The Metro

I caught up with fellow food and travel blogger, Hilda, properly for the first time since we gorged ourselves on Sokyo breakfast an age and a half ago. We ate at Mappen, a place that has been a haunt since high school days. Can’t believe it’s still pumping out consistently good noodles and their ever tasty sides. Summer pro-tip, a cold ontama bukkake (said it without laughing because I’m not 12 years old) soba will be your best friend to beat the heat. We chatted for hours about everything from her incredibly adorable dog Benji the Westie to the latest and the greatest and the not so greatest movies to mental health. Ended the night catching The Naked and Famous at The Metro, just the three songs for me though because my ankle started to really hurt and I had also woken up at stupid o’clock five am that morning so I left midway through the song after ‘Higher’.

(Also finally) went to Devon Cafe at Barangaroo

Which was a tad disappointing because I wanted to try the sandos that turned out to only be available on weekdays. I still had a great day exploring the area. Barangaroo has changed so much since I was there at the start of 2016, I’m excited to go back and try a bunch of places, with Cirrus being way up at the top. I’m definitely envious of my friends who work in the area.


It’s funny how as a child, your birth month can be one of the most exciting times for you because your birthday was that one special day in celebration of you! Just you. And once you become an adult, unless you’re a narcissist, most of us tend to avoid the spotlight entirely because suddenly it’s uncomfortable to stand out or feel special and nobody likes attention on them even though it’s positive. In particular it always feels super awkward when you have to sit in front of the cake while your friends sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you and you can’t exactly sing along so you twiddle your thumbs. I hate that singing part so much, one year I thought I could sneakily cut up the cake in the kitchen and just start it to everyone but my friends ended up sticking a candle in the mound of cake slices and sang to me anyway.

January is my birth month and I am incredibly nervous about it. Part of me feels like running from it, not just because becoming one year closer to dying sucks, but there’s a growth expectation to it that I should be a wonderful human being, far more wonderful than I was 365 days ago. I don’t know if that’s the case. I’m not old but I feel older, I’m not wise but I do feel a little bit wiser. Seeing as I only have one resolution for this whole year, that is to be kinder to myself, I’m inclined to think, to hope, that excited little Sam who loved birthdays at McDonald’s and being sung to by friends and family, would be just as excited to know that this is who I am now in 2017.

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