Week 2

It’s only the 2nd/3rd week of the year and I’m not only behind on my weekly updates, but the weeks are already starting to blur.

Dinner with my cousins at Love.Fish

I have extended family in Sydney that I don’t see often enough. We went around to Barangaroo again, this time for seafood at Love.Fish. I’m not sure if I just really expected prices to be absurd considering the location but it was actually relatively affordable. The mains are a good size and if you paired it with a side or two to share, you’d be pretty happy. Depending on what style you get your seafood cooked, it can be pretty healthy too.

More than the fish though, was the great conversation we had. I didn’t grow up with my cousins since they migrated to Sydney a long time ago but we’ve always got along well and I think of them as my older siblings. Most of our conversation is about how dysfunctional our family is. But one of the things said to me that night was about how I didn’t have to worry so much about seeking approval from family, even if you love them, even if their opinion of you does matter to you. I think being your own person, not caring what other people think and every other iteration celebrating individualism are messages that do get thrown around a lot. I’m not sure if it was the mood of the night or the way it was said but it really resonated with me in that moment.

Went up to the Hunter for work and planning

I’m still so grateful that my current job gets me travelling. This time I even got to fit in a quick session at the gym and in the pool which had me grinning all day long. I must have been a squid in my past life because sometimes being in the water is the most natural and comforting feeling in the world. Also meeting the wider team is always a lot of fun, I have so much respect and admiration for them all.

Dinner at Queen Chow

Caught up with the usual Instagram suspects for dinner at one of Merivale’s latest restaurants. Will likely be blogging it once I get the photos off someone else’s camera but it was actually pretty good considering modern-ed up Asian food is usually not that great. The desserts were standouts.

I also got presents and I found the packaging even more intriguing than the contents.

Did the Spit to Manly walk, had brunch in Manly, paddle-boarded

Even though we’ve only done it once before last year, we’re now calling it our annual Spit to Manly walk. I’ve done a few walks around Sydney and this is by far my favourite. We kicked it off with bagels from Smoking Gun Bagels, met at Spit and well, walked. It was a gloriously hot day and with Elaine’s enthusiasm, got there in almost half the time it took Wina and myself last year. Mostly because 2016 me was too busy taking photos of the breathtaking views and slathering on sunscreen every half hour. Manly has some fantastic cafés and restaurants but in line with tradition, we stuck to Fika Swedish Kitchen again. It’s not true traditional Swedish fare but the elements are close enough to make me feel a bit comforted, and a bit closer to my experience living abroad.

I paddle-boarded for the second time in my life and it was just as incredible as the first time. It’s such a great workout too! My arms are always sore afterwards. The sea is a little choppier in Manly, compared to the still water at The Basin, but it’s fun to go against waves made by the ferries that go past. We spent the last 15 minutes just lying on the boards and building up our tan.

Started ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek

I am liking it a lot so far. Also I’ve never read so many non-fiction books in the last 12 months. I’m not sure if it’s a poor choice of books but I haven’t felt as engaged in the fictional world as I used to be. If this is what growing up is like, please stop.

I’m sure lots of other things happened that I don’t remember. But on that note about growing up, I am turning 25 in probably just under an hour by the time I get around to publishing this. You’ll always get the odd one or two people who celebrate #birthweek or even #birthmonth but by and large, most of my friends and family aren’t too phased about birthdays anymore. They say it happens as you get older and I’m not really sure why. Maybe because physically we don’t grow (much) anymore and even our developmental milestones don’t seem as significant. I don’t really have an answer or an opinion as to whether I think birthdays are worth celebrating or not. But as part of my whole be kinder to myself movement aka the only resolution I set for myself this year, I’m going to aim to be super positive tomorrow in both what I say and what I do. And while there’s not much point confining it to just a single day but hopefully this is something I can continue in some small way throughout the rest of the year. I even have the chocolate ready for tomorrow.

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