Moxhe, Bronte

It’s pretty unfortunate that I never got around to writing about my birthday lunch at Moxhe. Not only are the delicious memories now a blur, I didn’t even take a photo of the daily menu at the time so I can’t put a name to all of the dishes we had. Please enjoy the sub-par and some not so sub-par photos I took on the day, plus some additional anecdotes in place of food descriptions.

Do you like mussels? I’m at best, tolerant of them in a marinara mix. They’re a bit like squid, in that, they seem to go from plump to chewy in the time it takes you to blink. If there’s any place in Sydney for them to be done properly, it’s very likely here at Moxhe. Case in point, how fleshy our starters look.

Beer blinis with smoked ocean trout ($4 each)

I am a super, duper big fan of any kind of smoked fish. I think the smoked aroma really enhances the flavour of fish, and in some cases (such as white fish) really brings it out. The only drawback I can recall to this blini was that it wasn’t a jumbo sized pancake with mounds of trout on top. Come to think of it, it’s actually pretty reminiscent of Devon’s Eggs Blini which is exactly that.

Warm mud crab tart ($25)

So delicious. Moreish picked crab make up the bulk of the flavour, with the herb and vegetables sit atop it, playing textures. I loved the thin base which was equal parts buttery, flakey and would snap at the slightest pressure from your teeth.

Mussels cooked with lucerne ($20)

I don’t think I’ve ever had so many mussels in one sitting until that day. They were also smoked and I thought it was interesting how it was texturally different to the one we had at the start. We weren’t able to finish this one though.

I’m a big fan of the easy, breezy pace of the restaurant which seems to lengthen the day in a good way. Unlike Bondi and Coogee which can be a shit fight for every man, his dog and seagull, Bronte really feels like a sleepy seaside town. Food overall was pleasant but if you were to compare it to my one true love in Sydney, Saint Peter, the flavours weren’t quite as pronounced or as inventive. I’d definitely come back with a seafood aficionado looking for something a little further away from the city.

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