Madosh! Cafe, Jingumae and Shimokitazawa

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I’ve been to Madosh Café a few times since I moved to Tokyo, but the very first time it caught my eye was two years ago, because of its huge avocado signage out the front. I have been to both its Shimokitzawa branch as well as the Jingumae branch and I like them both for their second-hand, grunge vibe with avocado-themed furniture.

On the menu is basically everything avocado, with the option of adding extra avocado to your avocado. They have a lunch combo option which comes with access to their soup and snacks section (really fun, and soup is good) as well as a glass of avopuccino which is more like an avocado milkshake. There’s also a station with a huge variety of fruit and nut flavourings which you can use to jazz up your avopuccino. From the menu, I really like both the yukke bowl as well as the negitoro bowl. They’re both raw tuna based so it really depends on the kind of texture you prefer I suppose. I came once with a friend who had the curry which she thought was good, but that the avocado kind of just sat in the sauce without really adding anything to the overall dish.

Between the Jingumae and Shimokitazawa outlet, I probably prefer the latter, just because meandering the streets of secondhand stores seems more of a thing to do after eating your weight in avocados.

Recommended dishes

豊洲ネギトロアボカ丼 “Negitoro avocado donburi”

Minced tuna with shallots and avocado rice bowl

マグロユッケアボカ丼 “Maguro yukke donburi”

Spicy Korean style raw tuna avocado rice bowl

Madosh Café Shimokitazawa

Crystal Base Building 2F 2 Chome-32-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya City, Tokyo 155-0031

Madosh Café Jingumae

5 Chome-28-7, Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001

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