The New Normal

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I started Will Be back in 2014 to document my law electives exchange at Stockholm University as well as the traipsing I did across Europe. There are a couple of entries that precede this, drips and drabs that I had tried and failed to import from an old Tumblr blog. Before that, there was an embarrassing LiveJournal, and even before that were multiple Blogspot-hosted blogs that I wrote on in my high school years. My inability to keep a blog regularly updated is ironically one of the consistent themes to all of my writing endeavours. The other is my battle to convey a raw and clarifying account of my experiences. 

As covid-19 began to accelerate further into the forefront of our minds, thus occupying more mental space, my already meagre attempts at updating this blog and my Instagram felt even more pathetic to me. What does one write about or share in the face of millions around the world facing terminal illnesses and dying and losing their livelihoods? I work in the hospitality industry and consider myself somewhat lucky so far to not have my income dramatically impacted. Many of my competitors as well as hotels within my company’s network have started all kinds of campaigns around the dream phase, encouraging people to book now and travel later. And while I commend their efforts to save our Titanic-esque industry, the content didn’t seem sincere enough, it didn’t resonate me. How do I dream of a five-star island getaway in the Pacific Islands when people in my boyfriend’s second-degree network have actually died of this disease? How can I think of booking a New Years trip to Thailand with my best friends when I don’t even know when I’ll physically get to see my mom again? With this in mind, even though I do have a backlog of travel posts planned from earlier, I don’t think it’s right to be sharing them in this current climate. 

But rather than keep this space stagnant, I’ve decided to start sharing some of the things I’ve been doing during this time, from within the walls of my apartment. Hopefully you find comfort in me aiming for normalcy and in trying to make lemonade out of a world-sized lemon. Maybe some of these activities I’ve tried will inspire you. And even if no one is reading (hi, mom), at least I’ll have an account to look back on in my later years about how I combated boredom, fear and anxiety during a global pandemic. It’s been close to three months now and rather than wait for normalcy to return, I guess it’s time to embrace the new normal.

I’ll keep updating below with links to my latest blog posts!

What I’ve Been Up To

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