Eggs ‘n Things, Ginza

I’ve been living in Japan for over two years now and have made countless of trips here over the years. But pinch me because this week is the first time I’ve ever been to Eggs ‘n Things!

Eggs ‘n Things is a chain of restaurants that can be found all over Japan, plus one lone outlet in Hawaii. As you might have guessed from its name, it is rather synonymous with brunch and Western-styled breakfasts, thus is very popular with the younger demographic here in Tokyo. What does separate it somewhat from other brunch spots is its distinct Hawaiian vibe, prevalent in some menu items and the staff members who don big leaf and orchid printed shirts. While there are 11 E&T’s in the Kanto region, our choice to visit the one in Ginza is a strategic one as it is way, way less crowded on a Saturday (easy walk-in with many tables) compared to the nearby Harajuku spot (wouldn’t take a same-day booking until after 5 pm). The place is very spacious as well with plenty of warm light let in from the terrace. However the tables being set as far apart as we saw, might be the result of covid and the recent state of emergency regulations.

To every other Tokyoite reading, I’m sure all of this Samsplaining is going to illicit some strong eye rolling. But to every other Australian that isn’t as familiar, think of E&T as a cuter version of Pancake Parlour or Pancakes on the Rocks. Scrolling through the grand menu online, you’ll find an extensive variety of pancakes, waffles and crepes, all which come with your desired toppings of whipped cream, chocolate chip and tropical fruit like bananas and mangoes. Of course it wouldn’t be Eggs ‘n Things without the restaurant’s namesake, eggs, in every possible way. Choose from omelettes with your favourite cheese, surf & turf as well as poke bowls topped with eggs. The morning menu is significantly shorter, seeking to provide quick nourishment before one gets on with their day. And the dinner menu has some salads and a few extra meat options.

For this particular meal though, we’re here for lunch and having not had breakfast, are a tad peckish. I opt for the egg and teriyaki chicken option that comes with a side of potatoes, rice or toast. I suppose the ability to order teriyaki anything at a brunch place isn’t very canon but never forget, we’re in Japan! I was also able to ask for the sauce to be on the side as I didn’t want my chicken drenched in sweetness. The menu gives you the option of the level of doneness you’d like for your fried egg, to which I obviously chose sunny-side up because only terrorists get fully cooked egg yolks. The chicken thigh is simple but tender, making a nice protein side. The potatoes though, are legitimately amazing with good seasoning, very fluffy innards and a crispy exterior. They are worth coming here just to devour a bowlful, maybe at a future restaurant venture called Potatoes n’ Things.

Eggs Benedict are also a big thing here, with word on the grapevine that E&T’s is much better than Blu Jam, another somewhat famous breakfast spot for locals. We chose the spinach and bacon with an extra mushroom topping. It’s a fairly standard menu option and while E&T’s rendition isn’t something that’s going to change the world, it just tastes really good. Props to perfectly cooked poached eggs that run a river of yolk at the prod of a fork, perfect portions of wilted spinach and well toasted muffins. The bacon added a nice salty kick but aren’t the crispy type that you might be more familiar with else where. Seeing as they were also all mixed in with everything else underneath the eggs, crispy bacon was never really going to be on the cards.

Humouring E&T’s Hawaiian motif, we also get the half and half poke plate, consisting of salmon and ahi tuna. Flavour-wise both are refreshing and tangy from the lemon but I found the sesame oil marinate in the ahi tuna a little overpowering. I feel like the ratio of fish to vegetables was a little bit off and we could have been given more fish but that might just be the greedy cat inside of me talking. Visually it looks well balanced but if you were to stab something that looks like tuna with your fork, you might realise more often than not that it’s actually a cube of tomato. It felt a little sneaky that when you stab what looks like tuna, turns out to be a cube of tomato.

I’m happy I finally made it here and even happier that it adequately matched my expectations of decent classic food, at a decent price. While it might not be somewhere I’m rushing to go back to, the variety alone makes Eggs ‘n Things a crowd pleaser of a restaurant to go to with friends since there really is something for everyone. If you’re travelling around or even if you’re a local, seriously go to the Ginza branch. Huge venue with less people equals almost zero waiting and not having to put up with the kids of Harajuku. I think I just showed my age with that last sentence.

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