Not Your Token Minority with Tao

Not Your Token Minority

Recently, I got to catch up with my friend and former Tokyo resident, Tao Lin, for her new podcast, Not Your Token Minority. We met during her time living in Japan and we’ve always gotten along, whether through our love of food, dancing or perhaps more prominently, our shared battle scars of going through law school without having a passion to become a lawyer.

After we wrapped up the call, I definitely felt a sense of anxiety. That I had just rambled my way through and wasted two hours of Tao’s time, that my story wasn’t the “norm” and no one would be interested in it as a result. Now that it’s out and I’ve listened back to it, I still cringe in some moments but it wasn’t “as bad” as I thought it would be. Tao has a great way about her in drawing out your story without being intrusive and making every moment seem as important as the last. I’m really glad we got to do this together and I hope my non-linear path to where I am today gives comfort to someone else out there who might also be following an unconventional life and finding the grind really tough. We see you and your story is just as, if not even more important.

You can listen to my episode below, but I also recommend you check out all of Tao’s past Not Your Token Minority episodes and all of the incredible strong, witty and intelligent individuals she has given a voice to.

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