Avengers: Age of Ultron Premiere

There’s still a huge misconception around comics and graphic novels. I didn’t grow up reading Marvel or DC but I spent a significant part of my childhood obsessing over anime so I know how it feels to be dismissed for… Continue Reading

Ashton Kutcher and Lenovo Australia #TECHMyWay

This is the first ever guest post on my blog. Gabriel is a really good friend of mine who not only took up these tickets I offered him at the eleventh hour, he also agreed to take notes so he… Continue Reading

Growing up Gaming and The Consouls

I’m in Sydney’s notoriously hipster suburb at a bar with cabaret-esque red curtains gracing a stage except instead of Moulin Rouge, Pikachu is playing the saxophone while a Bruno Mars’ doppelgänger is crooning along. This is where the punchline usually resides… Continue Reading