My name is Samantha, Sam if we are friends. I’m a marketing communications professional, Muay Thai enthusiast and all round curious person. I’ve lived in Malaysia, Australia and Sweden but am currently located in Tokyo, Japan.

I started this blog many years ago to document my adventures in Europe as a law faculty exchange student at Stockholm University. Since then, it’s followed me and grown alongside me as my interest, hobbies and even place of residence has changed. Most of my topics now cover travel and dining in Japan, but I will occasionally write about my other interests such as books, manga, hiking and martial arts. I try to keep this space honest without oversharing, even if it means tackling difficult topics.

Let’s connect!

Twitter: samanthawxlow

Instagram: samanthawxlow


  1. Hello Samanthache Che che,be be kuma asked me to keep in touch with you

    1. Hello Marcus! How are you? I think we should convince Be Be khuma that we can keep in touch best via Play Station 4s

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