Moderate Afternoon Autolyse

See previous Autolyse post: Dining with fellow foodies and food photography enthusiasts is not only terribly fun, it’s also a lot less stressful because you know that you aren’t the only one holding up the eating part of the meal… Continue Reading

Anita Gelato

I wasn’t actually intending to combine all of my Anita visits into one post, but in the time that I’ve taken to write this based on my first visit, I’ve been another two times with separate people. Each time always… Continue Reading

September Read-a-Thon: Like Water for Chocolate

I may have fantastically failed treesofreverie ‘s September Read-a-Thon and it may not be September anymore but book blogging must prevail so here is my third book review. “Indecent. But what is decent? To deny everything that you really want?”… Continue Reading