Burger Liquor Lobster

Cyberspace is weird. I sometimes feel a stronger connection with people I hardly see in person but I am constantly laughing at their funny statuses, reading their interesting blogs and partaking in our conversations online past my bedtime. The Internet… Continue Reading

Sushi Tengoku

I’ve pushed back writing about Sushi Tengoku for so long that this post is a compilation of something like four visits. So this means even more photos that I’m confident will leave you salivating all over your keyboard. Sushi Tengoku… Continue Reading

Pasta Goma

Flag: This restaurant is now closed! Gabriel and I started doing Thursday lunches during our hour break between civil practice lectures and civil practice tutorials. It’s a lot better than eating (my) cardboard circles rice thins or (his) rectangular sandwiches.… Continue Reading

Devon By Night

As always it’s a little bit hard to know which photos to pick and which photo to lead a blog post about Devon Cafe because every single darn thing on the menu is just so photogenic. This is my third… Continue Reading